Pay Commander partners with its manufacturers to place high value kiosks at low costs only into quality pre-approved locations.
The services which may be offered on Pay Commander kiosks are only limited by the imagination. Dispense tickets, coupons, cards or cash.

Pay Commander is also a powerful advertisement solution


Dynamic ads displayed on the 32” upper screen with ads supplied to us by our affiliate, Second Screen Media Inc.


Through our affiliate, Prestige Coupon Inc., Pay Commander  receives local display  advertising through the same advertisers who purchase the direct mail solution.


Connects to customers through their cell phones pushing coupons and specials and gathering data for statistical analysis of customer data.


The Pay Commander kiosk is the bridge between financial service customers and the changing financial services marketplace. It is the perfect solution for dispensaries, convenience stores and other cash intensive businesses.

Prepaid Card Issuance

Unlike a typical bank debit card which must be procured from a bank employee, attached to a checking account and could take an hour of travel time and waiting in lines, PCI prepaid products can be ordered in less than a minute through the kiosk or J-hook purchase.

Prepaid Card Loading

PCI Cards and more than 500 different prepaid debit cards can be loaded at the kiosk with cash or check and may be loaded just as checking accounts through direct deposit.

Bill Pay

Customers can pay their bills right at the kiosk to over 12,000 bill pay merchants.

Mobile Top up

Users of Prepaid Phone services topped 100 million in the first quarter of 2012 and has continued to grow at over 12% per year accordingly to Bloomberg financial.

Cash in Services

Locations may utilize the Pay Commander kiosk as a Point of Sale terminal permitting customers to insert cash into the kiosk for the purchase of products or in order to load a prepaid card. The card may be restricted for use within the store, at a particular merchant, for a particular product, merchandise only, a geographical area or unrestricted for use worldwide at ATMs and wherever Master Card is accepted.

ATM Services

Cash Withdrawals at a Pay Commander kiosk incur just one fee, unlike many other ATM devices where the consumer pay a fee to the ATM provider stream and the consumer’s brick and mortar bank.

Check to Card

Payroll and personal checks authorized with immediately loaded to your pre-paid card.

Money Transfers

The cost to transfer funds peer to peer is a small flat charge and consumers can realize as much as a 70% discount as compared to the other well-known money transfer services. Using a PCI International prepaid solution allows the consumer to place funds directly onto the receivers PCI card. This eliminates travel to a money transfer store, waiting in line and paying any additional fees. The funds are transferred instantaneously.


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